First Time Home Buyer Mortgage

First time home buyers can get easily intimidated not only because of the amount of money they will likely spend to buy a property but also because the mortgage loan application and process can be complex depending on individual circumstance and also the property that is being purchased. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Work with an experienced loan professional
  • Check you credit report for errors
  • evaluate assets and liabilities e.g. auto loans as payments on these will effect the calculation for debt to income which determines how much mortgage loan you can be approved for.
  • Other issues that may come up such as the need for a co-borrower if your income is not sufficient for the mortgage loan amount needed, or if you will need to increase your downpayment to qualify for the loan etc.

Do not worry we will help you to amke sure you are ready prior to applying for the loan - we know what underwriters look for and what they need to approve you for a loan!


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