Easy Mortgage Loan

Getting a mortgage loan can be an easy smooth process with up-front preparation:

  1. First step shop for and work with an experienced loan professional. This is very important no just for obvious reasons such as to get the best loan option available for your individual circumstance but also a broker who has gone through the process many times will be able to guide you and provide solutions to any problem areas and be one step ahead of the underwriter.
  2. This step could be part 2 of Step 1. Review your credit report, many times there are errors on the report which can beĀ dealt with prior to beginning the application process so that it does not become an issue during the process which could postpone the closing date or worse the mortgage loan application being turned down.
  3. Make sure you can " afford " the mortgage you are about to apply for! A good loan professional will do the calculations that the underwriter will and advise you upfront if he/she thinks you will be wasting your time!
  4. On the loan application be honest, do not hide anything and do not report half the information. It is very likely that the underwriter will find out during the process and it may result in your application being denied.

The above tips will help in preparing for a smooth loan process, we will advise you throught the process of any issues that may need additional information. We always do our best to make the process as smooth as possible!


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